Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday to the GREATEST Dad in the WHOLE world. We are so sad that we don't get to be with our Dad this year for his birthday because he's in New York for business. I wanted to post some of my favorite pictures and tell My Dad how much I love him. He is such an amazing person, Dad and husband. My favorites memories of my Dad are..

- Being carried in every morning throughout elementary school from bed to the kitchen to find breakfast made.

-Having him sing You've Got a Friend by James Taylor.. and all the songs he sings and adds his own lyrics.

-Goal Stroals

-Looking at our food and Having "mouse bites" and knowing they are from Dad.

-Having Dad ask us are you a whiner or a winner?!

-My first date when I turned sixteen was with my Dad. He took me on a hike and we had breakfast!

-His Father's blessings.

-Just recently sleeping in my parents bed with my Dad's arms around me. He's ALWAYS there for us.

There are SO many more memories I have with My Dad. He has so much love to give and such a deep love for our savior and father in heaven. He is such an AMAZING example. I've never heard my Dad Yell or have seen him angry. He is such a kind hearted Man. He makes EVERYTHING fun. He really is the best Dad we could ask for. I love the way he loves My Mom. He is always serving others and is such an example of how to be productive. I love how he teaches us how to make our weaknesses become strengths and how to be accountable. He has always taught us, if you think you can.. you can! My Dad is ALWAYS positive and looks on the bright side. His favorite quote is "It's all good" You can't be around my Dad and be lazy or sad! Happy Birthday Dad! We miss you, but will celebrate when we get back!! You're the best!


marilyn said...

Josie this is the most beautiful tribue a daughter could give her dad, it caputures your great love and devotion to a wonderful dad, I ditto every word, I remember his singing to you james taylot " I'll be there", he was so heart broken thinking he let you down, by not protecting you from this great trial you have had to go through, but no dad loves his children more then your dad, and what a great blessing your parents marriage and example for each one of you. You are a great daughter and believe me your parents are very very proud and thankful for you. love you

Christina said...

Beautiful! I love the pictures! Happy birthday, Wade!!! - Christy

Amber said...

I'll ditto that! You do have an awesome Dad. I really loved reading your thoughts about him. It is nice to have such great memories written down. I look forward to seeing you!! LOve you LOtS! Aunt Amber

Monica said...

This made me cry! I love the special relationship you have with your daddy! It is so wonderful to have such wonderful memories! He adores you! One of the reasons I was so attracted to him because I knew he would be the most wonderful father to raise my children! Your an amazing daughter! Love,Mom