Sunday, September 23, 2012

roadtrip to dc

loved having j with me during the short trip to dc
we realized that this is our 3rd time going to dc since we've known eachother.
it's fun being so close to it.
the family had to get ready for the wedding, so we had a perfect morning/afternoon with mom and dad downtown. what a treat:) it had been almost a year since j had seen his in-laws. we throughly enjoyed every second.
my dad's so tough..

mom and i right outside the hotel we were staying at, loved that you walked right out to the subway!

sure love these men.
had to capture my favorite part of this muesuem! the peacock!

this piece of art reminded me of a zebra:)
i loved seeing them catch up. just loved it!

found a frozen yogurt stand! mom dropped a rasberry, and we teased that she wasted a dollar because it was so expensive.
loved seeing the beautiful, vibrant flowers!
haha. j's face says it all. what a good sport! ha ha
loved this part of the gardens, cactus makes me feel at home. maybe i should plant some in front of our home in ohio??
we loved the library of congress, j wanted to move in!
love this shot.

love her.

oh so pretty.

cutest parents. dad just had to take the picture while holding mom.
coolest dragon statue
love holding hands and enjoying the beauty life has to offer.
haha. this picture cracks me up, guess we were in our own little world waiting for the subway.
one of our favorites!
so handsome

j doing what he does best, playing with my hair.
our cute shoes high heels, all ready for the wedding
the happy groom, love this.
beth had childhood memories at echo park, where the wedding was held. it was so charming!
loved seeing meg! it had been way too long! she spoiled me with jewlery for my birthday!

had so much fun catching up with my grandparents. aren't they the cutest missionary's? so much fun having them from the philippines. they loved being in america !
black and lace, didn't mean to match :)
the whiting siblings/parents
my handsome date. love him in a suit.

loved seeing my aunties too!
us with the bride and groom!
the cute sister in laws.
beth made all the streamers! love all the handmade details!
loved dancing, j is not a fan of dancing so my dad willingly stepped in. loved dancing with my dad since i was a little girl. 
however j did do the jewish dance, we had so much fun:)
we seriously danced for at least 2 hours! grandma was the cutest on uncle jeremy, they were the life of the party!
happy wedding justin and beth, here's to a happy future filled with love and commitment!
the new mr & mrs. whiting.


Lindsay said...

What a fun trip! You guys look so good!! Glad you were able to be with family--miss you!

Jill Heaps said...

It was such a highlight to see you guys! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Lynn said...

We were so happy you were there, we
really appreciated your husband coming too. It was the greaatest
having so many of us there. We
will always cherish this time. Love
you soooo Much
Grandma and grandpa