Saturday, September 22, 2012

birthday celebrating

its official, i'm 24. we celebrated my birthday week with friends who spoiled us !
 my little alyse, oh how i love her!
kaitlyn and i have the same birthday week, so our cute friend made us the yummiest italian dinner and HOMEMADE oreo ice cream cake. it was SO good !
i love how the house was decorated and she gave us beaded necklaces to wear, felt at home :)
j picked me up from work and took me to my FAVORITE, carrabas. oh how the chicken trio makes me drool! LOVE going to dinner with him.
nana sent me money and i had fun getting accessories, i never spend money on them since i make most of what i wear. love my mint necklace :)
got these stackable rings to go with my j+j ring!
on my actual birthday, j and i worked opposite shifts, so jill and bella took me to olive garden. so yum! she spoiled me with a pumpkin candle and i have LOVED burning it!
my free birthday PUMPKIN cheesecake was to die for!
love LOVE love them!

sister (and g) bought me these cheetah pants, i wear them every chance i get:)
mom made me the most amazing birthday banner with detachable letters, she is so talented. love that we will always have a banner!
she also spoiled me with an oragami owl necklace. she hand picked the charms to represent things about my life. i seriously LOVE it. i'm thinking about being an independent designer for them and selling them, because they are amazing!
he picked me out my very own adidas tennis shoes! he did such a good job! LOVE them. i've had the same shoes to work out in for at least 5 years!

so the night before, i asked him if he could wrap whatever he got for me, cause he usually doesn't and hides it in a random spot for me to find, which is fun too, but i just love the tradition of un-wrapping, call me high maintenance !
as a good husband, he listened and REALLY went crazy on the wrapping! he spent 2 hours wrapping with saran wrap, duck tape and wrapping paper.. not to mention using every extra box we had in the house.
it made for a fun "experience". we were both laughing so hard. i even had to use a knife to open parts!

i even resorted to this!
it was kind of exhausting took me 25 minutes!
yes, you guessed it .. this piece of paper was in that huggge box!
i was going to dc for my uncle's wedding the next day by myself since his schedule was so hectic. well he spent his only days off in a whole month basically traveling with me. it was so much fun to have him there. i was so excited, and i loved my "prescription"!
i felt so spoiled and blessed to have the best family, friends and hubster in the whole world.
here's to what the age 24 brings!!

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