Thursday, April 12, 2012

spring in ohio

i sure have loved enjoying a real spring. we have been taking advantage when it is good weather and going on walks.
love the flowers in the grass
popcorn trees in our neighborhood!
have loved the sunshine 
and my bright colored jeans :) love this trend!
pretty sunsests
beautiful red roses
jill and i were going to stay inside, but when we realized it was such a beautiful day.. we picked up lunch from a yummy cafe and went to the metro parks for a walk!
can't tell that she just had a baby.. 
love the tree in front of her cute red brick house.
love that we are starting to see more and more greenery!
baby bella is just too cute. 
i have a new niece! norah ann. she is so precious, i can't wait to meet her. now i am a proud auntie of 14!
love when i babysit little miss sophia. we went on a walk and she absolutely looooved it!
how could you not when you see this on the walk?

this is how i feel about the sunshine. such an az girl..

we had a wonderful easter sunday. j was supposed to work and at the last minute had off !
it was perfect. we went to church, nursery was crazy because of the candy for breakfast. we came home took a long nap and then had an easter egg hunt.

i think he won because i couldn't find the egg in the printer for the life of me!

i think i went too easy on him.. next year can't come soon enough now.
love this tree in our front yard!

my coworker gave me these vintage buttons she has had for 20+ years. i absoutely love them!

i wrapped a headband with lace and made this..j calls it my tiara. 
i've been in the crafty mood lately .. i have made rings, tons of bows and necklaces. love them. 
if you're interested:

 love wearing these necklaces. people think its part of my shirt and i get so many compliments.
i love pairing mustard with any and every color lately. still in the mustard yellow phase:)
 i'm constantly washing blue scrubs. i love it and i love my hansome doctor.
 this is a funny conversation we recently had. some of the things that is normal to him seem like a complete different language to me, so this made me laugh.
 i have been active and staying within my daily calorie goal for over a month now. so proud:)
 i have so many more fruits and vegetables now. my favorite fruits are strawberries, clementines and mangos. i love sauteeing or adding veggies in any dish. my favorite is artichokes, onions, mushrooms and green peppers in pasta. mm.
i caught a bad cold. i think it's from the up and down weather we have been having. but smoothies, toast, plain noodles and rice have been my cravings lately. i have the wierdest cravings when my taste buds go crazy haha.
 yesterday on my day off, i literally stayed in sweatpants and cuddled up in bed all day. i had a bajillion cough drops and watched law and order.
 j took me to panera to get some tomato soup to help me feel a little better. 
and last night i caught up on touch. such a good movie. oh how i love kiefer sutherland.
i promise to update sooner, so my post isn't this big next time :)
j + j


Amber said...

Your posts are so fun to read! They make me want to enjoy the moment Jos! I love the polk-a-dot with your necklaces! Your fruits and vegies are making me hungry!

Jill Heaps said...

I love your posts! You are so darling! I hope you are feeling better so you can keep crafting! I am proud of you for being so healthy! Way to go girl!!

Beth said...

joslyn you are cute!!!!! also can you please have your husband figure out how you can pass your hair genes onto our future children? thanks in advance.