Friday, March 23, 2012

the sun is shining

and we are spending every spare second outside to enjoy this beautiful spring! i guess this means i survived my first cleveland winter. which everyone says was nothing.. but i had to wear a winter coat and shiver, so for me. it was an accomplishment. now on to enjoy the weather i love.. SUNSHINE!
love the sunsets, j has had an easier rotation, so when i don't work nights. we have been taking walks. oh how i love the warm air with a light breeze.
the start of the blossoms!
Jill, Bella and I went to enjoy an early lunch at our favorite health place, The Root Cafe.
my first "beet" sandwich.. so yuuum. 
Oh how precious little bella is!

oh how we enjoyed wearing our short sleeve shirts and flip flops! we love the lake in our neighborhood, there's a trail in the forest too. it's so peaceful.
love the big tree. my favorite thing is just having conversations with the mister and enjoying the beautiful world we live in.
Kaitlyn, Alyse and I enjoyed a perfect day at hunington beach. It was so nice to put my feet in the warm sand  and enjoy some girl talk:)

natalie and kids joined us! Her and her hubby are going to Phx, az for residency! J and I went over for dessert to tell them all the things they should be excited about! So excited for them! We recently realized natalie was roomate's with justin's group of friends, so back then they all went to a party together. small world!
Another sunday adventure. We explored a new park! Love the big rock in the water to sit on. There were so many trees!
Dr Pattee spoils me by bringing home coconut water. I'm obssessed. It's so refreshing and yummy! It cures my sweet tooth while hydrating me and making me feel i'm on a tropical island :) 
for j's birthday we went downtown to ittle italy for the first time and had lunch at Mama santa pizzeria. it was recommended by a client, it was very good!
 the last time we wore coats:) oh how i love him
love the colorful buildings downtown.
mitch sent me peacock feathers he promises he chased a peacock to get for me to make headbands. his letter made me cry. he's such a loving, amazing missionary. oh how i love my brother. if you are interested in what we believe and what he is teaching go to i promise you won't regret it.
a bunch of girls and i went to crocker park for lunch and a little shopping.

 menchies is now at crocker, we had to take advantage. oh how i love a good yogurt flavor with toppings of my choice:)
they have a life size chess board. i'm thinking we need to learn how to play!
love the lights strung along this shopping center

j has boards coming up, so he had to study and i have wednesdays off, a bunch of girls and i got together to make cards and eat treats. it was my kind of girls night :)
i couldn't help it, i had to capture this moment in nursery. i'm pretty sure he's the favorite. i was reading at first but they wanted him to read instead. don't blame them..
we went to lakewood park to enjoy the beautiful cleveland skyline and once again enjoy the 70 plus degree weather
our tree in our front yard, this made me so giddy :)
we love these trees in our neighborhood!
popcorn tree! the first one i've seen!

we decided to make pizza and have a picnic!
oh so happy :)
 planning on using this red basket a lot more this year..

loving keeping our window opened at night and waking up to the birds.
this might possibly be my favorite time of year here..


Grafton and Laurisa Milne said...

cutest post!! Makes me feel like I need to do more fun outside things while the weather is nice! You sure are enjoying every minute! I love you so much sis. Glad you have some cute friends and of course a cute hubby :)

Jill Heaps said...

Oh how I love you Jos! You know how to make the every day things so wonderful!!! Thank you for bringing on the spring with JOY!! Love you and I LOVE the picture of nursery...precious!

Lynn said...

You are quite the proffesional in taking pctures. Ohio is really beautiful and you got
through your first winter. Jos we can finally
look at your blog, its so exciting to feel connected. We love you, at the wedding I would
love to have you color my hair. I will be all
gray, maybe as gray as Jill. Ha Ha
Love you,Grandma