Monday, November 28, 2011

first thanksgiving away from home

and i survived! i sure missed my family but am pretty good at being content where i am. PLUS justin's brother, wife and four kids came from chicago to be with us! it was a very good relaxing day. oh how i have so much to be thankful for. oh so blessed.

the night before we crafted some flowers. rachel is so good at making things!! love when she calls me "ant" joslyn! so cute!
anna was so cute and loved showing off her cute toys!
justin was constantly playing with the kiddos. scavenger hunts, tickle fights and rachel's favorite where he wraps them up in blankets and they have to guess the room they end up in.
oh how they loved piggy back rides!!
thanksgiving morning started out watching cartoons in pj's :)
they relaxed and went to the park..
while em and i cooked the yummy thanksgiving dinner. i have to say stuffing the turkey's bum kinda grossed me out!
 j carved the turkey. was a proud wifey:)
love lit candles, so that's what we did.
our cranberry/orange centerpiece! i had to be creative to make a table for 8. craft table + tablecloth + every chair in the house including lawn chairs= creative table for 8.
it was a beautiful sunny day and the zoo was free, so the zoo it was!
loved the giraffes!

grizzly bears!! we got to see them eat their thanksgiving feast!
camels and cute anna.
tigers and my cute rach!
love this. he will be such a good daddy someday.
rachel loved looking at the animals with him
love the waterfall, the polar bear in the back and my man. :) 

he's a kid at heart and jumped over all of the posts also :)
cutest monkeys!
cutest animal of the whole zoo.. 
they might have liked the fake animals you can climb on better..
we wore the boys out!
we had such a fun time with the ryan pattee clan. love that we are only a couple hours away! emily and i experienced midnight madness and got some great deals! :) we also loved talking and finding out how alike our husbands are!! oh how i love that we have a holiday that causes us to reflect and be thankful for what we have. so grateful for a loving heavenly father that blesses each one of our lives. love this time of year!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

life according to my phone

we've been busy enjoying the beautiful fall weather, sunsets, treats, tv shows, working out together ..
                                     and simply making an adventure out of where we live
                 we sure do cherish the time we get together. can't believe we will have been married                      for 11 months tomorrow. dang, it's been perfect. marriage sure is easy with this guy.

Monday, November 7, 2011

sunday walk

this weekend we had a reaaaal weekend together. it is so rare. but it happened. we went to cheescake factory friday night. . j had his pager on the table just in case he got called in. but so what.. we had a date and loved it. saturday he left at 6 am, and before i woke up he was back. we watched shows and made pumpkin cookies. sunday after church we had lunch at the hospital, and i waited for j to finish up with his patient then we had the whole day together. ever since we met we have always gone on a sunday walk and explored something different. we have loved this tradition, this sunday happened to be the perfect fall day to end a perfect weekend.
i can't get over how pretty the leaves are.
we love the metro parks. there is so much to see!
oh how we love sunshine. . enjoying it while we can!
beautiful waterfall!!
the perfect sunday.. don't mind my messy lazy sunday hair:)
my man found a tree that had fallen..


i just love my husband.

wierdest tree we've ever seen.

oh how i love my big kid..

love the fence.
seeing leaves float in water is so peaceful
at first i was so sad that the leaves were falling but j helped me realize it's a different kind of beautiful.
it sure has been such a wonderful fall so far. xo