Wednesday, October 31, 2012

mama and nana

 came for a visit 
 time didn't stop like i'd hoped but we enjoyed every second..

we made whole wheat bread with the vita-mix! so yum!
they came in to my salon and i colored mom's hair.. we did the ombre and lightened the ends. she loved it! 
nana wanted her hair washed and styled. she loves clean hair:)

 and we shopped til we dropped!

mom and i showing off our new floral print clothes

love her

we went on the nautica queen day cruise and had a blast!

 it was such a beautiful day and it was a wonderful tour of downtown on lake erie!
we had lunch and danced on the dance floor!

 we went to the cleveland art museum and it was amazing!

 then we went to eat downtown

 love how cute east 4th street is:)

we enjoyed a walk around the neighborhood. so much fun having them with me!
we went to a cute quilt shop!
 and had frozen yogurt!
 nana bought this cute dress and hung it in j's closet hoping to get a great-grand baby asap.
 (not an announcement)
 us and our mustache's.
we crafted away like always.. finished my second quilt and still working on my third:)

 justin sure entertained us at dinner time.. he's quite funny. :)
  mom and nana, come back much fun having quality time with the both of you..
 we miss you!

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Jill Heaps said...

What a great time! You guys look like you didn't stop the whole time!! SO FUN! Love you...I REALLY like that little baby dress :)