Friday, February 24, 2012

life according to my phone + beauty tips

the weather has been so good lately. i was so excited that i got to wear shoes other than boots, i had to document it.
- j had all weekend off, it was so nice having sunday all to ourselves. we went to a new spot to see lake erie. it was beautiful with the waves hitting the rocks and the sun going down!
- baby sophia can hold her self up now :) she was so giggly and cute this week.
- my "after gym cravings" i'm eating healthier with way more fruits and veggies and hardly any sweets. i went over board this holiday season:) a gym opened up a minute away from us, so now instead of a total of 45 minutes driving, i can drive one minute and get a good work out in that time and save gas:) i'm loving the zumba class, very fun!
ok, ok, i was doing good until i saw the dang girl scouts selling their yummy cookies at the mall where i work!  i can start the no sugar thing next week right? :) 
-j has been playing games with me. since it's not his favorite thing, it means even more, plus he beat me! 
-tuesday, we got our new color line shipment (matrix) 60 boxes! i've used it once so far, i made a dirty blonde client a red head. she was obssessed, and so was i. i love the consistency of the color and am excited to learn all about it! 
-we are enjoying law and order right now on netflix.. and sometimes midnight snacks:)
some of my favorite fashion ideas right now..
- the fishtail braid. i had clip in extensions, so i braided those and then just bobby pinned them behind my      ear.. but you can do it with your own hair too! 
-red lipstick is my favorite right now, don't be afraid and wear whatever you love!
 - wrapping my hair around a curling iron and leaving the ends out. gives it a beachy wave look with cute pokey outie ends :) plus, gives them a break from the heat! 


Grafton and Laurisa Milne said...

i love you...and i love how you've sent me all of these pictures :) :) you're quite the beauty!! Wish i could do your tips....not very good at them :( ha

Monica said...

I love seeing these pics bigger than on my phone!!! HAHA I love seeing what you are up to and these pictures make me MISS YOU!!! Love that Justin is playing games with you! I want to come over and play cards till 2 in the memories of playing games with you guys before Mitch left! Miss you two!

Alexis Kaye said...

you are so cute!

The Merrills said...

Yes!!! I'm so happy someone else loves the pokie outie tips! I love curling my hair and leaving the ends uncurled, kinda a messier look, but I thought I was weird! Haha yes!! I love that you wrote that!! Good tip :)

Jolyn Buhrley said...

love you gorgeous girl!! looking at blogs again!!...maybe thats a start to posting again?? maybe. :) love your pics and ideas keep it up!! xoxox

Jill Heaps said...

I tried your hair trick...I got so many compliments! It was seriously crazy! THanks missy! I love you! I love your posts!!