Monday, December 5, 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like..

this is my favorite, favorite time of year! a little more kindness, a little more smiles, the chilly air that makes it impossible to do anything but cuddle, the beautiful lights and decorations. what a wonderful thing it is to have a whole holiday that focuses on the savior's birth. oohh and did i mention that it's our wedding month??! yay for a little first anniversary getaway soon!

we decided to put lights up in the house, since we spend most of our nights inside:)
  the mistletoe i made with left over cranberries from thanksgiving.
it will be put to good use, just saying:)
 got out the sweaters and hats.. okay honestly i had to get a whole new wardrobe. ask my husband 
 so far this month has been filled with rain, burning my pine candle, girl day with jill (we made apple cider and snicker doodles and watched the holiday!) and quality time with j.
i was so excited to get the christmas tree/decorations out the day after thanksgiving!! we had such a fun time listening to james taylor christmas and putting up the tree!
love the candles for our windows my cute mama sent us!! 
it snowed finally! i'm not going to lie, i was getting a little anxious waiting for the first fall! it melted after an hour. i love waking up to snow, it's so much fun!! 
 i'm thinking we will get a little more than this soon..


marilyn said...

Everything looks beautiful! We are not getting anything out since I am packing everything away. Time is going too fast. I'm glad you are excited for snow, I remember our first winter in Ohio, I was so excited. My neighbor thought I was crazy. It is really beautiful, I know you will find a way to love snow especially when it is all over! Love you

jillsusanne said... this!! Look how cute you are and in the Christmas spirit!! Love your little nativity :)