Thursday, January 20, 2011


it really was perfect, from start to finish.

we had the pattee family over for breakfast and of course 2 hours before our wedding cermony justin struts in with the famous " baby blue suit" with the yellow bow tie.. he wore in high school. {ten years ago} my response when i saw him in the front door way with both of our families around: was "yes, this is why i'm marring this man!"

and then we were announced husband and wife, and sealed forever and ever. it was the most amazing thing we've ever experienced.

our families were happy too:)
pattee family

my amazing in-laws.
my wonderful grandparents
the whiting's
we seem cute and innocent

but we are really on the wild side..:)

my wonderful parents my beautiful mommy
best friend, getting my sissy kissy. that left a mark;)
my beautiful bridesmaids and maid of honor

love them


favorites of us.

the reception was everything we wanted. intimate with the people we love and cherish. it was fun to make mostly all the decorations with mom. it turned out amazing.

everyone. even great nana

best cake ever.. yes i got it all over his face. on purpose. :)

absolutely loved designing this cake display

daddy-daughter dance. i'll always be my daddy's little girl.
first dance

and we're off.. yes, justin's nephew got him who knows how.


Nik and Dawna said...

SO excited to see that you posted! Love the update! Keep them coming!

Jolyn Buhrley said...

YEAH!! I've been waiting for a post from my married niece!!:) These pictures brought back memories of such a wonderful day!! The first picture is a favorite, you both look sooo happy! As you should be! LOVE YOU!! XOXOXOX

Natalie said...

gosh this makes my heart dance i am so happy for you!!! the gospel is so wonderful and the church is true!!

♥Maren said...

You are BEAUTIFUL! You know... you got married on 'Little' Joslyn's 15th birthday.

It was meant to be!


tarabg said...

so perfect in every way! i wish so bad i could have been there. love your pics. love YOU.

Kassie-Rae said...

I know we met by chance. Your wedding day and reception looked absolutely beautiful. I might need some of your pointers when I get married. :)