Monday, November 1, 2010


we had a very fun time celebrating halloween. of course nana went allll out and we had a very yummy festive dinner and carved pumpkins! i won the contest! i never win, justin's my good luck charm i guess.

yes, we got very into it..

the masterpieces:)

.. this would be my dad, waiting to jump out and scare g & sis. just and i watched and we laughed our heads off.. they were so scared. their is never a dull moment in this family..

i was tinkerbell and dressed up for work:) stylists didn't recognize me as a blonde. . i wore high heels and they killed me, so justin brought me comfy shoes and his first response was "what did you do with my fiance'?" he likes me better as a redhead. : )

my favorite part was seeing all the cute kiddos dressed up!!

and seeing my mom as witch!
the scariest part was being scared by my brothers at the sppook alley!

and ending the night watching what lies beneath with justin.. i attempted to cover my eyes more than 50 times..


Ashley Fastle said...

you and your finace are just a tab bit adorable beyond words.just an FYI if you did not already know.

Verity Kae said...

BLONDE! Oh my word! Even on your blog I didn't recognize you! How fun!

Monica said...

I like my redhead better also, but you are beautiful in any color! You made the cutest tink ever and boy did we have a fun Halloween. I'm glad you came to our party! Love all the cute pics! love you so much!

marilyn said...

I love your red hair, I'm sure glad that Justin does too, I loved your pictures, I really wouldn't have reconized you, its funny how hair can make such a difference, I'm glad that Holloween was so fun, can't wait to see you in December! Love you

Amber said...

Ditto on the red! =) We are looking forward to December!! Your dad looks creepy! I love how you guys have so much fun on Halloween. See you SOON!

Jill Heaps said...

SO CUTE!! I cant' wait to see you guys. It's getting closer! You make a perfect tinkerbell and your mom makes a perfect witch!

Christina said...

Too adorable! Love it!

Melissa said...

For some reason the blonde makes you look more like your sister! Which makes no sense at all bc shes brunette...but whatever. You make a really cute Tink :)