Monday, July 12, 2010

the weekend of the 4th

was perfect!
just and i took a roadtrip to utah!
we did so much in five days and loved every second
went to his ten year h.s reunion
hung out with his family
had bbq after bbq
rock climbed in aspen grove
went to stadium of fire
hiked the y
canoed the provo river
took a sunday walk and loved the weather
went to lunch with friends at los hermonos
over looked amazing views of the valley
went to his favorite place on campus
saw the most beautiful sunset in the world
we spent 8O + hours together and he claims he never got sick of me..
he now knows my grumpy mood (when i'm hungry), my beyond tired mood, giggly-silly mood, antsy mood and every other mood in between.

we had such a fun time being in the car for 20 hours. lots of talks, laughs, singing sessions, jokes, teases and even tickle fights. yes i know.. dangerous. favorite jokes. just:hayyy. me: what? just: hay!{ there was hay on the side of the road.} just:hooooly cow. me: there must be a cow.
i don't know how, but somehow he convinced me to jump in the freeeezing cold water he splashed me and said jos, that was an accident, i splashed him back and said, well this wasn't .. i felt bad cause i got the dirty water in his mouth. hehe
he believed i could make it to the top of the y, even though at times i didn't..
so incredibly beautiful
our matching shirts at stadium of fire our hard core tats
he makes me smile reallllly big

rock climbing. yes we raced, and no i didn't win
cheesy smiles

the fantabulous family

{i love being around this man.. just sayin.}


Ashley Fastle said...

My family gets matching shirts for the 4th of july. I thought my family was the only one..

Amber said...

I'm so sad that I missed meeting him! We were at a family reunion on the Parish side. I'm happy for you!! He sounds wonderful. =D

LoOOve YoU!

Rebecca Woolf said...

So cute jos! SO cute

Christina said...

Too cute! :)

Jill Heaps said...

I totally missed out!! I guess you'll have to come back!!! SOON :) I love you!

marilyn said...

it was a fun trip, a lot packed into such a short time, I'm glad the two of you had such a great time! Especially I'm glad we got to share some of that time with you! Love you