Friday, June 25, 2010

sunsplash with sister

  • filled with one water slide after another with no lines

  • funny; she said as we were in 100 degree weather that she wanted to be in a hot bath.. i still don't understand

  • perfect, instead of paying 10 dollars for three chicken fingers we went to taco bell across the street and got three things for three dollars.

  • relaxing, thanks to the lazy river that we stayed on for awhile

  • complementary, a young girl said "you girls are very pretty"

  • exciting, we went down the brand new slide

  • competitive, we played skip bo by the wave pool and she beat me

  • memorable, i loved catching up and talking about nothing and everything all in the same day
dang i love having a sister. she's the absolute best there is.

best friends always and forever.

1 comment:

Laurisa Ashley Whiting said...

correction: YOU are the absolute best there is :) :) I sure love you sissy :)