Thursday, April 8, 2010

i'm IN LOVE..

i know.. it seems everyone is in love with a special someone these days.. but not me, no, no... its not a boy.. its much better .. im in love with my new car!
i've been waiting for this day to come for a year and a half and i did it. i feel so independent. things i love about my car
.black leather inside
.seat warmers {that i wont be using}
.sun roof
.hot brand new rims
.the way it drives
.the amazing speakers
and most of all that its mine and that im going to be able to pay the whole thing off in one year
ah.. goodbye mini vans and borrowing everyone elses cars..
hello --
mister sexy nixon
yes, i named him.
i heart him so much that i don't even care if i'm dirt poor now...


Amber said...

Congratulations!! Even more so with the goal to pay for it in one year! Cars that are paid for are more fun to drive. =D Yahoo.

Your car is beautiful!

Cassie said...

Buying my car was the best feeling. It's nice to feel that accomplishment and like you're growing up :) Haha, Congrats girl!!

Heaps Family said...

SO CUTE!! Now you will be driving to UTAH very soon right???? Love you!

Willi Nixon said...

look at you being a grown up! thats awesome

Cara said...

I thought for a minute that you bought a BMW, this car looks just like one :)

marilyn said...

You so deserve this great car, how exciting you work so hard we are so proud of you, I agree with Jill now you can drive to Utah! Love you Jos and can't wait to see you